Marina Magloire

Lecturer on History and Literature, Harvard University





PhD in English, Duke University (May 2017)

Certificate in College Teaching

B.A. in History and Literature, cum laude Harvard University (2011)

Certificates in Spanish and Latin American Studies



Whosoever Doubts My Power: Conjuring Feminism in the Interwar Black Diaspora. Book manuscript in progress.

"An Ethics of Discomfort: Katherine Dunham’s Vodou Belonging,” Journal of Caribbean Literatures, under review.

“Witchcrafts of Color: Suzanne Césaire, Mayotte Capécia, and the Shapeshifting Doudou in Vichy Martinique,” Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism, under review.

Review essay: Jeremy Glick, The Black Radical Tragic: Performance, Aesthetics, and the Unfinished Haitian Revolution, in Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory, July 2017.


Fellowships and Awards

Mellon ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship (2016-2017)

James B. Duke International Travel Fellowship, Duke University (2016)

Graduate School Summer Research Fellowship, Duke University (2016)

Foreign Language and Area Studies grant for the advanced study of Haitian Creole (2015)

Dean’s Graduate Fellowship, Duke University (2011-2016)


Teaching Experience

Lecturer, Harvard University, Committee on Degrees in History & Literature

History and Literature 90: “Great Migrations: Black Atlantic Travel Narratives” (Fall 2017)

An interdisciplinary course on the history of migration and travel in the African Diaspora, beginning with slave narratives and ending with Afro-futurism.

History and Literature Junior Tutorial

History and Literature Senior Tutorial


Instructor, Duke University, English Department

English 90s: “The Harlem Renaissance and its Afterparties” (Fall 2015)

An introductory African-American literature course for non-majors, espousing a transnational and interdisciplinary approach to the literature and performance of the Harlem Renaissance.


Teaching Assistant, Duke University, English Department

“American Radiance,” Professor Tom Ferraro (Spring 2016)

Invited lecture topic: Banjo by Claude McKay

“Victorian Poetry,” Professor Kathy Psomiades (Spring 2015)

Invited lecture topic: selected poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins

“Shakespeare,” Professor Leonard Tennenhouse (Fall 2014)

Invited lecture topic: What makes a successful English essay?

“Wine, War, Women, and Worship,” Professor Tom Ferraro (Fall 2013)

Invited lecture topic: selected poems by Langston Hughes

“Five Lyric Poets,” Professor Thomas Pfau (Fall 2012)

Invited lecture topics: selected poems by John Keats, W.H. Auden, and Seamus Heaney

“Fictions that Mark the Moment,” Professor Wahneema Lubiano (Spring 2012)

Invited lecture topic: magical realism


Teaching Assistant, Duke University, Interdisciplinary

International Comparative Studies 195: “Comparative Approaches to Global Issues,” Professor Jessica Namakkal, Duke University (Spring 2016)

Invited lecture topic: Négritude

African and African American Studies 335: “History of Hip-Hop,” Professor Mark Anthony Neal, Duke University (Spring 2014)

Invited lecture topic: hip-hop and black feminism


Other Teaching Experience

7th Grade English teacher, Breakthrough Collaborative New Orleans (2010)

ESL Teacher, WorldTeach Costa Rica (2009)


Conference Presentations

“Mules, Men, and Zombies: Crises of Agency in the Ethnographic Work of Zora Neale Hurston” at Haitian Studies Association Conference; New Orleans, LA (November 2017)

“Doudou an Mwen Ka Pati: Reading Suzanne Césaire and Mayotte Capécia” at Caribbean Studies Association conference; Port-au-Prince, Haiti (June 2016)

“Looking for Marie: Rituals of Silence in New Orleans,” invited talk for Hurston-James Society, Duke University, Durham, NC (April 2016)

“Lave Tèt: Exorcising History in Katherine Dunham’s Island Possessed” at Nou Mache Ansanm: Performance, Gender, and Sexuality in Haiti, Duke University; Durham, NC (November 2015).

“Lave Tèt: Exorcising History in Katherine Dunham’s Island Possessed” at Haitian Studies Association conference; Montreal, Canada (October 2015)

“Ti Kolibri, Ti Kabrit, Ti Chat fè lavi wonn dede avèk Mizik” [given in Haitian Creole] at International Creole Day, Duke University; Durham, NC (October 2015)

“Primitive Decadence: Sartorial Marronage in Larsen’s Quicksand and O’Neill’s The Emperor Jones” at Restaging the Harlem Renaissance; New York, NY (June 2015)

“Incomplete Gentlemen: Non-Realist Representation in the Interwar Black Diaspora” at the African Humanities Working Group Symposium on The African Fantastic; Durham, NC (March 2014)

“Mystics and Mechanists: Voodoo Aesthetics and the Harlem Cabaret School” at the College Language Association (CLA) conference; New Orleans, LA (March 2014)

“Southern Wild: Feminine Navigations of Fantastic New Orleans” at the American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) conference; Toronto, Canada (April 2013)

“Tiny Futures: Quino’s Mafalda and the Transnational Child” at the Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) conference; Rochester, NY (March 2012)


Translation work

Haitian Creole to English. “TriPod Goes to Haiti,” for TriPod: New Orleans at 300, 89.9 WWNO New Orleans Public Radio (2017)

English and Haitian Creole to French. Radio Haiti Archive Project, Duke University (2017)

French and English to HTML. Francophone Digital Humanities Project, Non-Vicious Circle: Twenty Poems of Aimé Césaire, ed. Gregson Davis. Digitized second edition. Duke University (2014-2016)


Research and Related Experience

Fact-checker, Novel: A Forum on Fiction, Duke University (2012)

Research Assistant, Dubois Research Institute, Harvard University (2010-2011)

Research Assistant, Department of History and Literature, Harvard University (2010-2011)


Departmental Service

Graduate English Association Representative, Duke University (2013-2015)

Coordinator for “Sunday Share,” a forum for graduate student research (2013-2014)

Student Coordinator for the “Plotting Internationalism Working Group,” Professors Priscilla Wald and Aarthi Vadde, Duke University (2013-2014)



French (native speaker)

Spanish (fluent)

Haitian Creole (advanced)

HTML and CSS (proficient)


Professional Memberships

Caribbean Studies Association (CSA)

Haitian Studies Association (HSA)

African-American Intellectual History Society (AAIHS)



Laurent Dubois (

Professor of History and Romance Studies, Duke University


Priscilla Wald (

Professor of English and Women’s Studies, Duke University


Aarthi Vadde (

Professor of English, Duke University


N. Gregson Davis (

Professor of Humanities, Duke University