I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. Introduced to the wonders of the human brain by Oliver Sacks’ books, I became fascinated by the “astonishing hypothesis” first made by Hippocrates and elegantly described by Francis Crick: the brain is all we are. These cells, currents and molecules create all we think, learn, do and feel: “as Lewis Carroll's Alice might have phrased it: 'You're nothing but a pack of neurons.’”

During my studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens School of Medicine, in Greece, this turned into a passion for all things brain: clinical neurology, neuroscience research and innovative education. I was a Research Trainee in the Neurospychopharmacology Research Group, participating in research on sex differences in models of depression and anxiety and the pharmacokinetic analysis of synthetic neurotrophins. I also received the Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award for a summer internship at a neuroscience laboratory in Singapore, where I worked on the modelling of neurologic diseases using 3D brain organoids. Cultivating a profound interest in quality medical education, I participated in the development of a modern, multimodal Neuroanatomy lab experience and taught neuroanatomy, neurology, neuroscience and teaching skills to medical students, graduate students and the general public.

After graduating in 2019, I moved to Boston to pursue a postdoctoral Research Fellowship here at BWH. At the Translational Neuroimmunology Research Center, I have had the amazing opportunity to investigate multiple sclerosis in a real journey from the bedside to the bench and back: clinical outcomes, serum biomarkers and molecular immunology. I have continued to teach neurology and neuroanatomy at HMS and participate in curriculum development and education research, assisting in the transition of the preclinical neurology course to a virtual online format during the COVID-19 pandemic and leading a World Health Organization project investigating health workforce education during the pandemic.

I completed the first year of residency in 2021-2022 as a preliminary Internal Medicine intern at Salem Hospital, a lovely community and longstanding member of Mass General Brigham in the North Shore of Boston. These days, the majority of my time is spent learning clinical neurology by seeing patients in the inpatient floors and outpatient clinics at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital. My true dream job! I chose the Mass General Brigham Neurology Residency program not only for its rich history and world-class clinical and research powerhouse hospitals, institutes and centers, but for what I consider the real wealth of BWH and MGH Neurology: the collegial environment nurtured by this inspiring group of approachable and supportive people. Everyone here has given me opportunities, time and advice so I can achieve my goals and grow into a better physician, researcher and educator.

Outside the hospital, I love spending time with interesting people and learning, experiencing and discussing an ever-evolving variety of interests: jazz music, cooking, restaurants, cocktails, coffee, investigative journalism, literature, television series, architecture, decorating, antiques, style and fashion: all those captivating people’s (brains’) creations that make life fascinating and enjoyable.