During my M.S. and Ph.D. research I was classically trained in classical molecular and cell biology. For my M.S. I worked with Daniel Gallie at UC Riverside on translational control of mRNA in model systems representing plant, animals, and fungi. For my Ph.D. in Mike Rout's lab at Rockefeller University I investigated the role of two homologous yeast proteins in multiple nuclear functions.

After graduation I switched switched fields and trained in Systems Biology and Systems Pharmacology to study cancer. This work also exposed me to numerous disciplines like Medicinal Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry, and Biostatistics that I all incorporated into my work.

For more information on past and current projects please follow these links:

  • Drug Response - Improving the experimental methods and computational analysis of drug response measurements to improve large- and small-scale pharmacologic studies.
  • Cancer Profiling - Using high-throughput measurements to identify biomarkers of response and investigate mechanism of action.
  • Signal Transduction -  Modeling signal transduction of the MAPK/AKT pathways following stimulation by the EGF receptor in breast caner cell lines.
  • Nuclear Pores - Elucidation the function of the yeast Mlp1 and Mlp2, two homologous yeast proteins of the nuclear periphery.
  • Translational Control - Understanding basic mechanisms of translation control exerted by viral mRNA sequences and structural elements.
  • Collaborators - A list of some of my collaborators and their involvement in various projects.