Publications by Year: 2015

Extreme waves and branching flows in optical media
M Mattheakis and G. P. Tsironis. 2015. “Extreme waves and branching flows in optical media.” In Quodons in Mica: Nonlinear localized travelling excitations in crystals , 221: Pp. 425-454. Springer. Publisher's VersionAbstract

We address light propagation properties in complex media consisting of random distributions of lenses that have specific focusing properties. We present both analytical and numerical techniques that can be used to study emergent properties of light organization in these media. As light propagates, it experiences multiple scattering leading to the formation of light bundles in the form of branches; these are random yet occur systematically in the medium, particularly in the weak scattering limit. On the other hand, in the strong scattering limit we find that coalescence of branches may lead to the formation of extreme waves of the “rogue wave” type. These waves appear at specific locations and arise in the linear as well as in the nonlinear regimes. We present both the weak and strong scattering limit and show that these complex phenomena can be studied numerically and analytically through simple models.