Master student

October 7, 2018
Excited to welcome and mentor a new international master student in the lab on our project on LW visual opsins

Summer research

June 6, 2017
Looking forward to an exciting summer working with new research assistants on screening light and heat sensing proteins! 

MBB grant

April 1, 2017
We have been awarded an interfaculty research grant from Mind Brain Behavior to study nIR perception in insects! Thank you Prof. Naomi Pierce, and MBB.

Research: here I am!

January 9, 2017

After an exciting busy semester teaching, I am thrilled to start my new project on the genetic basis of insect sensory perception in Naomi Pierce's research group and as a Wallenberg Fellow in collaboration with the Broad Institute, alongside amazing researchers and colleagues working on a multitude of aspects on insect, plant and microbial ecology and evolution! 

Read more about Research: here I am!

DNA-binding proteins underlie male hybrid sterility in fruitflies

July 1, 2016

Check out our new fly male sterility paper, in which I identify two DNA-binding genes causing hybrid sterility, and where reproductive isolation can be seen as a Quantitative Polygenic Trait.

Hybrid sterility is a frequent outcome of crosses between closely related plant and animal species because of incompatibilities that have evolved in the parental genomes. Here, we show that a small region associated with hybrid male sterility between two closely related species of Drosophila contains two genes, both encoding DNA-binding proteins, each of which contributes to the hybrid male sterility.... Read more about DNA-binding proteins underlie male hybrid sterility in fruitflies

Book Chapter in Press!

May 31, 2016

Dr. Liénard co-authored a chapter on Small Ermine Moths: Role of Pheromones in Reproductive Isolation and Speciation together with Dr. Löfstedt in a newly published book on Pheromone Communication in Moths : Evolution, Behavior and Application (Editors Jeremy Allison and Ring Carde).