Teaching & Outreach


Teaching Fellow, Harvard University

  • Life Sciences 1b, Genetics-Genomics-Evolution, Undergraduate course (Spring 2016)
  • Life Sciences 1a, Chemistry-Molecular and Cell Biology, Undergraduate course (Fall 2016)
  • OEB 50, Genetics and Evolution (Fall 2016)

Teaching assistant, Lund University

  • Chemical Ecology (Spring 2011)
  • Ecotoxicology, Undergraduate course (Fall 2009)
  • Molecular Ecology and Evolution, Graduate course (Fall 2006-2008)


Communicating about research and sharing educational resources with young children, high-school students, their teachers and the general public are all powerful initiatives to inform about research in informal ways and raise enthusiasm about Science. As a researcher, I am always eager to be involved in public activities and every opportunity has been an immensely mutual and educational experience. I feel that it is an important and inspiring part of our mission outside of the lab. Activity examples range from visiting pre-school classrooms with short prepared show-and-tell sessions and bringing the lab to the classroom in fun ways, bringing the classroom to the lab and contribtue to assist high-school students gain hands-on on a variety of topics with the amazing Life Sciences Outreach program, or describe to a curious public how we obtain data, which techniques we use, and how basic science has important implications to develop real life applications from Agriculture to Medicine, and more broadly contribute to understand Evolution and Biodiversity!