I am a Ph.D. candidate in Education Policy and Program Evaluation at Harvard University. My research interest centers on the experiences of students of color and first- and second-generation students in US K-12 educational contexts. Specifically, with my work I hope to explore and expose how race, racism, and assimilative pressures cause inequality in these students' outcome measures, both traditional (e.g., test scores, adulthood economic outcomes) and less traditional (e.g., mental health).

Prior to beginning my degree, I worked as a research analyst at the Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR) at the university. There I worked on several research projects spanning a range of educational topics, including: Levers for Change, a study investigating the effects of several educational interventions  implemented over multiple academic years in the Newark Public Schools; National Center for Teacher Effectiveness, a study focused on developing and validating several measures of mathematics teacher effectiveness using data from four large east coast urban school districts; MQI PD, a study that developed and delivered professional development for mathematics teachers based on the Mathematical Quality of Instruction (MQI) observation instrument; MQI Coaching, a randomized controlled trial that developed and delivered coaching for mathematics teachers based on the MQI; and a study that investigated the impacts of a randomized controlled trial that delivered professional development to teachers based on the Math Solutions framework. Across these projects, I served many roles, including primary research analyst, data and project manager, coauthor and presenter of findings, and liaison with project partners.