I am a Ph.D. candidate in Education Policy and Program Evaluation at Harvard University. My research focuses broadly on how different educational experiences  impact students' outgroup attitudes, prosocial and empathic behaviors, and social and political preferencesand how aggregate shifts in these outcomes ultimately impact societal economic and racial equity. My interests stem from a working theory that a more equitable society cannot be achieved through improvement of education-specific outcomes (e.g., test scores and attainment) alone, but also requires increasing these potential "spillover" effects of education. 

My current projects investigate: the relationship between teachers' implicit racial bias and racial disparities in test scores and suspensions; how data on teacher applicant behavior can be used to increase the racial diversity of teacher workforces; the effects of school integration and diversity on social attitudes, preferences, and behaviors; and the effects of political partisanship on school-level outcomes.

Outside of research, I enjoy baking sourdough bread, playing ultimate frisbee, and cuddling with my elderly long-haired dachshund.