I have research interests in the Philippines, human rights, social movements, Asian American studies, labor & migration, and gambling.
I am currently working on a book manuscript, entitled "Conditional Solidarities: The Making of a Transnational Opposition to the Marcos Dictatorship, 1972-1986. The book traces the foundations of the international opposition to the Marcos regime in the Philippines, focusing on religious human rights workers, international law activists, activist educators, journalists, and political detainees. The project draws upon archives and oral histories in the United States, the Netherlands, and the Philippines. 
I have taught a number of courses, including HL90s on Cold War and Film and Asian American History as well as a co-taught HL97 Sophomore Tutorial on Cultures of U.S. Imperialism. I also teach courses on labor, migration, and Asian American studies through the Extension School and the Summer School. In Fall 2020-2021, I will be teaching an HL90 on Human Rights and Ethnic Studies.
One of my favorite parts of my job is the advising work that I get to do. I have facilitated junior tutorials focusing on race, gender, and empire. I have advised/am advising senior theses and MA projects on a range of topics including cultural production, nationalism, gender & politics, and immigration. During 2020-2021 will serve as faculty adviser to the Harvard Philippine Forum and as an Advising Fellow with the Committee on Ethnicity, Migration, Rights.
I am always happy to meet with students. I am particularly equipped to talk to students about being a first-generation college student, coming from an underrepresented background, conducting archival or oral history research, and working in Ethnic Studies/Philippine Studies. Please do not hesitate to reach out. My e-mail is marksanchez[at]fas[dot]harvard[dot]edu and I tweet at mjs_history.