Throughout my academic career, I have been interested in the intersection of theory and practice, and the ways in which practitioners learn and apply the models suggested in theory.  What began as a study of the pragmatic issues of "knowledge translation" and sustained change became a broader interest in the sources and uses of organizational evidence and the application of knowledge in sociotechnical systems.  My current focus is exploring how organizations recognize knowledge and "pay attention" in order to make sense of an ambiguous environment, address weak signals, self-regulate, and learn.  This brings together two main areas of interest from my academic and work history:

  • Knowledge and evidence:
    • Understanding the translation of research into practice and policy;
    • Organizational barriers/facilitators to evidence-based management;
    • Implementation science, knowledge translation, and applied epistemology; and,
    • The role of expertise, professionalism, and social networks.
  • Behavioral approaches to managing risk:
    • High reliability organizing, resilience engineering, and other systems risk models;
    • Learning, safety culture and relational coordination;
    • Systems theory, complexity and cybernetics;
    • Simulation training and research; and,
    • Reconciling theory and practice implications across models.


Please find a PDF of my resume below:

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