Selected Research

Selected Research in Progress:

  • Fulbright US Scholar Award to Georgia (2021-23)
    • Advancing High Reliability in Georgian Healthcare through Action Research. (with Rukhadze E & Butskhrikidze N)
  • Layered Logic: Institutional Logics Instantiated in the Management of Kaizen in Ethiopia. (with Shen GC & Deresse FN)
  • Reliability-Seeking Virtual Organizations at the Margins. (with Grabowski M & Roberts KH)
  • Transitioning Crisis Response into Sustainable Care Delivery. (with Kenyon SK & Roberts KH)

Recent Publications:

  • Sullivan EE, & Martelli PF. (2021). Patient Exodus at Sycamore Family Health. Health Services Management: A Case Study Approach, 12th Edition.
  • Shen GC, Martelli PF, Knox-Clarke P, & Roberts KH. (2022). Health Care in Times of War. Academy of Management Perspectives. Advance online publication. [link]
  • Vassaur H, & Martelli PF. (2021). Inter-specialty Collaboration in the Formalization of a New Foregut Subspecialty. PLOS One. [link]
  • Alidina S, Martelli PF, Singer SJ, & Aveling E-L. (2021). Optimizing Patient Partnership in Primary Care Transformation: A qualitative study. Health Care Management Review. [link]
  • Martelli PF, Verdin P, Carroll JS, Frese M, Hagen J, Hofmann DA, Lei Z, & Van der Leyden L. (2020). Broadening Sight at the Board Level: Perspectives from Error Management Research. Academy of Management Proceedings. [link]
  • Martelli PF, Verdin P, Carroll JS, Edmondson AC, Frese M, Hagen J, Hitt MA, & Roberts KH. (2019). Strategy and Leadership in Managing Errors in Organizations: What We Know, What We Should Know. Academy of Management Proceedings. [link]
  • Hayirli TC, & Martelli PF. (2019). Gene Drives as a Response to Infection and Resistance. Infection and Drug Resistance. [link].
  • Martelli PF. (2018). Organizing for Reliability in Healthcare. In R. Ramanujam & K. Roberts (Eds.), Organizing for Reliability: A Guide to Research and Practice. Palo Alto: Stanford University Press. [link]; Reviewed by Karl Weick in ASQ. [link]
  • Martelli PF, Rivard PE, & Roberts KH. (2018). Caveats for High Reliability in Healthcare. Journal of Health Organization and Management. [link] [download]
  • Hill TE, Martelli PF, & Kuo JH. (2018). A Case for Revisiting Peer Review: Implications for professional self-regulation and quality improvement. PLoS One. [link] [download]
  • Martelli PF, & Hayirli TC. (2018). Three Perspectives on Evidence-Based Management. Management Decision. [link1] [link2] [download]

Recent and Upcoming Presentations:

  • Martelli PF [Moderator]. (2022, August). HCM Teaching Incubator: Becoming More Effective Instructors. Academy of Management Conference. Seattle, WA.
  • Martelli PF [Moderator]. (2022, August). HCM Emerging Scholars Consortium: Better Assessment Together: A practical workshop to improve learning and streamline grading. Academy of Management Conference. Seattle, WA.
  • Shen GC & Martelli PF. (2022, August). Mode-switching: A human resource response to institutional pressures. In Doing Organizational Research Around the World: Opportunities and Challenges. Academy of Management Conference. Seattle, WA.
  • Martelli PF & Byrne-Martelli SE. (2022, July). Spiritual Care Integration in Inpatient Palliative Care Teams. Sinai and Synapses Conference. Online.
  • Martelli PF. (2022, April). Is High Reliability Humanitarianism Possible? Strategy Group Research Seminar. iaeLyon School of Management, Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3. Lyon, France.
  • Martelli PF. (2022, February). Invited Lecture on High Reliability Organizing. GESTS494: Managing Errors in Organizations. Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. Online.
  • Martelli PF. (2021, November). Invited Lecture on Quality and Safety in Georgia. Professional Development VI: Quality Improvement. Georgian American University Medical School. Tbilisi, Georgia.
  • Martelli PF. (2021, October). Advancing High Reliability in Georgian Healthcare through Action Research. Suffolk University Sawyer Business School Research Seminar. Online.
  • Deresse FN, McClelland J, Shen GC, & Martelli PF. (2021, October). Human resource management and employee retention among firms in Ethiopia’s industrial parks. International Growth Centre IGC-DevLab Workshop. Online.

Selected Funded Research (funding source, years):

  • "Advancing High Reliability in Georgian Healthcare through Action Research" (Fulbright, 2021-23)
  • “Health Care in Times of War” (SBS Research Grant, 2020)
  • “Adoption of National Healthcare Quality Policies in Developing Countries: Implementation of the World Health Organization's NQPS in Ghana” (SBS Research Grant, 2019)
  • "System Factors Related to Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Guinea-Conakry" (SBS Research Grant, 2018)
  • "On Evidence-Based Management” (Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative, 2010-11)
  • "Impact Evaluation for Developing Country Health Professionals” (Lowenstein Foundation, 2009-10)
  • “How Organizations Think About the Unthinkable” (National Science Foundation, 2008-10)
  • “Assessing and Managing Failure Vulnerabilities of Interdependent Complex Infrastructure Systems” (NSF, 2009)
  • “Enhancing Reliability in Incident Management Teams” (France-Berkeley Fund, 2007-08)
  • “Using Evidence in Health Management Decisions” (AHRQ/Milbank, 2005-06)