Kramer, Martin. “The Conflicted Legacy of Bernard Lewis.” Foreign Affairs (website), 2018, June 7. Web originalAbstract
Bernard Lewis, historian of the Middle East, was widely misunderstood. But no other person in our time has done as much to inform and influence the West's view of the Islamic world and the Middle East.
The Conflicted Legacy of Bernard Lewis (pdf) Η αμφιλεγόμενη κληρονομιά του Μπέρναρντ Λιούις (pdf) تَرِكة برنارد لويس الملتبِسة (pdf)
The Greek translation appeared in the Hellenic edition of Foreign Affairs. The Arabic translation was prepared by the Naama Center for Research and Studies in Beirut.
The Jewish Discovery of Islam: Studies in Honor of Bernard Lewis
The Jewish Discovery of Islam: Studies in Honor of Bernard Lewis. Tel Aviv: Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, Tel Aviv University, 1999.Abstract

Jews figure prominently in the history of the modern European encounter with Islam. The similarities between Hebrew and Arabic, the parallels between two faiths grounded in law, and the relative tolerance of Muslim rule toward Jews--all these are said to have permitted many Jews to approach Islam with an understanding and sympathy once uncommon in Europe. Was there a "Jewish discovery of Islam," distinct from Europe's discovery? Is there some unifying characteristic to the approach of these Jewish "discoverers"? In this original volume, contributors assess the approaches to Islam of some of the most famous European Jewish travelers, writers, and scholars.

The Jewish Discovery of Islam (entire book, pdf)
Edited and introduced by Martin Kramer.
Kramer, Martin. “Arabistik and Arabism: The Passions of Martin Hartmann.” Middle Eastern Studies 25, no. 3 (1989): 283-300. JSTORAbstract

A study of the role of the German Orientalist Martin Hartmann in advocating for the cause of Arab nationalism before the First World War, based in part on his private papers.

Arabistik and Arabism: The Passions of Martin Hartmann (pdf)