Film review

Kramer, Martin. “How True is 'The Crown' on the Suez Cover-Up?Mosaic Magazine, 2018, March 1. Web originalAbstract
The Netflix series The Crown includes a scene depicting British prime minister Anthony Eden nearly misleading Queen Elizabeth about the role of Israel in the 1956 Suez "collusion." The author considers whether the depiction is accurate.
How True is "The Crown" on the Suez Cover-Up? (pdf)
Kramer, Martin. “Who Censored the Six-Day War?Mosaic Magazine, 2015, July 6. Web originalAbstract

The Israeli documentary film Censored Voices purports to uncover damaging testimonies of war crimes dating back to the June 1967 Six-Day War, massively censored by the Israeli military. Martin Kramer looks critically at the evidence, and finds that the claim is a fabrication.

Who Censored the Six-Day War? (web version, pdf) Who Censored the Six-Day War? (book chapter, footnoted, pdf)
Web version includes responses by Max Boot, Matti Friedman, and Asa Kasher. The article, as republished in The War on Error (2016), includes footnotes.