Journal article

Kramer, Martin. “Kissinger, Kerry, Kushner: Making and Missing Peace in the Middle East.” Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy (2021): 44-47. Full issueAbstract
An assessment of the Abraham Accords, and their place in the history of Arab-Israeli peacemaking, for the student journal of the Harvard Kennedy School.
Kissinger, Kerry, and Kushner (pdf)
Kramer, Martin. “The Three Wars of Bernard Lewis.” The Journal of the Middle East and Africa 9, no. 3 (2018): 239-245. OnlineAbstract
The career of Bernard Lewis was punctuated by three wars: World War II, the Cold War, and what he himself called “the crisis of Islam.” The article seeks to demonstrate that for Lewis, these wars formed a continuum, the common thread being the struggle to defend freedom and democracy against the forces of tyranny.
The Three Wars of Bernard Lewis (pdf)
Kramer, Martin. “The May 1948 Vote That Made the State of Israel.” Mosaic Magazine, 2018, April 2. Web originalAbstract
An analysis of the proceedings of the People's Administration, culminating in a decisive vote not to specify Israel's borders in its declaration of independence of May 14, 1948.
The May 1948 Vote That Made the State of Israel (pdf) Israel's Situation Today Looks Much as Ben-Gurion Envisioned It (pdf)

The two parts of this essay were published in April 2018. Visit the website of Mosaic Magazine for the responses by Benny Morris, Efraim Karsh, and Avi Shilon.

Kramer, Martin. “Israel and the Post-American Middle East: Why the Status Quo is Sustainable.” Foreign Affairs 95, no. 4 (2016): 51-56. Web version ($)Abstract

Conventional wisdom holds that the Israeli-Palestinian status quo is "unsustainable." Yet it has been remarkably resilent in the face of the distruptive changes sweeping the Middle East. This article explains why the status quo has been so durable, and why it is likely to endure in the future.

Israel and the Post-American Middle East (pdf)
Kramer, Martin. “Barry Rubin's Legacy and the Study of U. S. Middle East Policy.” MERIA Journal 19, no. 1 (2015): 63-68.Abstract

Martin Kramer's address at the inauguration of the Rubin Center at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya, Israel is devoted to a discussion of Barry Rubin's view of U.S. policy in the Middle East, especially under the Obama administration. The relationship between the administration's ideological commitments and more traditional foreign policy realism is explored.

Barry Rubin's Legacy and the Study of U.S. Middle East Policy (pdf)
Kramer, Martin. “Policy and the Academy: An Illicit Relationship?Middle East Quarterly 10, no. 1 (2003): 65-73. Publisher's VersionAbstract

An inquiry into the views of the late Elie Kedourie on the relationship between academe and the making of foreign policy.

Policy and the Academy (pdf)
Kramer, Martin. “The Middle East, Old and New.” Daedalus 126, no. 2 (1997): 89-112. JSTOR The Middle East, Old and New (pdf)