Kramer, Martin. “Syria's Alawis and Shi'ism.” In Shi'ism, Resistance and Revolution, edited by Martin Kramer, 237-54. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1987.Abstract

An analysis of the effort by Syria's politically dominant Alawi minority to secure legitimation as Muslim, and the resistance to that effort by Syria's Sunni majority.

Syria's Alawis and Shi'ism (pdf) העלווים והאסלאם השיעי (pdf) علویان سوریه وتشیع (pdf)
The English pdf is the reprint from Kramer's collected volume Arab Awakening and Islamic Revival (1996). The Hebrew translation appeared in a collected volume published in 1991. The Persian translation appeared in a Persian translation of Shi'ism, Resistance, and Revolution, published in Tehran in 1989-90.