Kramer, Martin. “Muslim Statecraft and Subversion.” In Middle East Contemporary Survey 1983-84, edited by Haim Shaked and Daniel Dishon, 8:158-82. Tel Aviv: The Moshe Dayan Center, 1986. Google BooksAbstract
A survey of inter-Islamic affairs in 1983-84.
Muslim Statecraft and Subversion (pdf)
Islam Assembled: The Advent of the Muslim Congresses
Kramer, Martin. Islam Assembled: The Advent of the Muslim Congresses. New York: Columbia University Press, 1986. ACLS Humanities E-BookAbstract

Late in the 19th century, Muslims, separated by distance, language, and history, first thought to make their world whole by assembling in congress. "Islam Assembled" traces the roots of political activism in Islam as it took form in these gatherings. From the first fitful initiatives undertaken by a handful of Muslim cosmopolitans to the era when the West began to divest itself of its Muslim possessions and the need for the congresses diminished, "Islam Assembled" traces in detail this crucial but previously untold story.

Islam Assembled: The Advent of the Muslim Congresses (pdf)
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על הממסד הדתי במצרים הוטל התפקיד של התמודדות בקיצוניות. הכשל בתיפקודו התגלה ברצח סאדאת ב–1981, אבל שורשיו היו ידועים עוד קודם.

הממסד הדתי המצרי במשבר (pdf)
Kramer, Martin. “Arabs Against Themselves (book review).” Commentary 74, no. 1 (1982): 86-88.Abstract

Martin Kramer reviews Fouad Ajami's book The Arab Predicament. 

Arabs Against Themselves (pdf)
Kramer, Martin. “Shaykh Maraghi's Mission to the Hijaz, 1925.” Asian and African Studies 16, no. 1 (1982): 121-136. Web versionAbstract

An account of how Shaykh Mustafa al-Maraghi, acting at the impetus of the King of Egypt, sought to establish Egypt's hold over the Hijaz. Based on documents in Egyptian state archives.

Shaykh Maraghi's Mission to the Hijaz, 1925 (pdf)
Kramer, Martin. “What Happened in Iran (book review).” Commentary 71, no. 1 (1981): 78-80.Abstract

A review of the last Shah of Iran's memoirs, Answer to History, and Barry Rubin's Paved with Good Intentions.

What Happened in Iran (pdf)
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