Former PhD Students (Dissertation Committee Chair)

2000 Karen Chai (Kim)

Research Associate, Center for Immigration Research, University of Houston

Dissertation Title: Protestant-Catholic-Buddhist: Korean-Americans and Religious Adaptation in Greater Boston

1998 Christina Gomez

Associate Professor of Sociology, Latino and Latin American Studies, Northeastern Illinois University

Dissertation Title: The Racialization of Latinos in the United States: Racial Options in a Changing Society

2006 June Kim Han

Dissertation Title: Becoming South Asian: An Examination of Identity, Intergroup Relations, and Responses to 9/11

2008 Luisa Heredia

Assistant Professor, Sociology and Public Policy, Sarah Lawrence College

Dissertation Title: The Catholic Church and the Immigrant Rights Movement: The Ethics and Politics of Mobilizing for Immigrant Rights

2011 Onoso Imoagene

Assistant Provessor, University of Pennsylvania

Dissertation Title: Second Generation Nigerian Immigrants in the United States and United Kingdom: An Analysis of Their Experiences and Social Outcomes...

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2012 Tamara Pavasovic Trost

Lecturer, Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana

Dissertation Title: Ethnic and National Identity in Context: Identity Discourse Among Serbian and Croatian Youth

2014 Eva Rosen

College Fellow, Harvard University

Dissertation Title: The end of poverty, or the emergence of the horizontal ghetto? Post public housing spatial concentration and youth in Baltimore...

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2013 Chana Teeger

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Johannesburg

Dissertation Title:  Teaching Transformations: Post-Apartheid Generation and Apartheid History Education