Former PhD Students (Member of Dissertation Committee)

2000 Leslie G. Cintron

Lecturer, University of Virginia

Dissertation Title:  Preserving National Culture: The National Trust and the Framing of British National Heritage, 1895-2000

2011 Jeff Denis

Assistant Professor, McMaster University

Dissertation Title:  Canadian Apartheid:Boundaries and Bridges in Aboriginal-White Relations

1993 Jennifer Eberhardt (Psychology)

Associate Professor, Psychology, Stanford University

Dissertation Title:  Where the Invisible Meets the Obvious: The Effects of Stereotyping Biases on the Fundamental Attribution Error

1992 Karl Eschbach

Associate Professor, University of Texas Medical School

Dissertation Title:  Shifting Boundaries: Regional Variation in Patterns of Identification as American Indian

1999 Helen Glickman

Associate Professor, Social Work, Salem State College

Dissertation Title:  Low-Income Fathers: Contexts, Connections, and Self