Former PhD Students (Member of Dissertation Committee)

1998 Faustina Haynes

Teacher, New York City Public Schools

Dissertation Title:  Gender and Family Ideals: An Exploratory Study of Black Middle Class Americans

2004 Xiaojiang Hu

Professor and Dean, Public Policy, Beijing Normal University

Dissertation Title:  The Little Shops of Lhasa: Migrant Businesses and the Formation of Markets in a Transnational Economy

2011 Chad Leith (Education School)

Boston Public Schools

Dissertation Title:  The Effects of Parental Migration on the Schooling Behaviors of Adolescents Left Behind in Cape Verde

2000 Huey-fen Lu

Assistant Professor, Social Work, Tzu-chi University Taiwan

Dissertation Title:  Family Types and Marital Power: A Field Study in Taiwan

1990 Hyunjung Park

Dissertation Title:   Interpreting the High Educational Achievement and Socioeconomic Status of Asian Americans

1995 Joseph Rhea

Attorney, Law Office of Joseph T. Rhea, Palm Springs, CA

Dissertation Title:  Memory of a Nation: The Race Pride Movement and American Collective Memory Since 1960

2000 Sharon Ann Suh (Study of Religion)

Associate Professor, Department of Theology and Religious Study, Seattle University

Dissertation Title:  Finding/Knowing One's Mind in Koreatown, Los Angeles: Buddhism, Gender and Subjectivity