Patterning Structures Using Deformable Substrates


Yang S, Zhang Y, Kamien RD, Kikkawa JM, Matsumoto EA, Chandra D.; 2013. Patterning Structures Using Deformable Substrates. United States of America patent 8557341 B2. Patent source: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


Aspects of the present invention describe soft imprint lithography methods capable of preparing structural features on surfaces. Disclosed methods include surmounting a deformable substrate, having an original form, with a composition, wherein the deformable substrate is capable of achieving at least one predetermined deformed state; predictably deforming said deformable substrate from its original form to the at least one predetermined deformed state; and transferring at least a portion of the composition surmounting the deformed substrate to a receiving substrate.

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