Energy Technology Innovation

Selected Publications and Presentations:


Robert N. Stavins, Robert C. Stowe, David Keith, John P. Holdren, Joshua Horton, Matthew Bunn, Joseph S. Nye, Sébastien Philippe, Sheila Jasanoff, Gernot Wagner,  “Governance of the Deployment of Solar Geoengineering”

Laura Diaz Anadon, Matthew Bunn, and Venkatesh Narayanamurti, eds, Transforming U.S. Energy Innovation (Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press, 2014). 231 pp.

Laura Diaz Anadon, Valentina Bosetti, Matthew Bunn, Michela Catenacci, and Audrey Lee, “Expert Judgments about RD&D and the Future of Nuclear Energy,” Environmental Science & Technology, Vol. 46, No. 21 (November 2012), pp. 11497-11504.

Matthew Bunn, Venkatesh Narayanamurti, Laura D. Anadon, Hanna Breetz, Henry Lee, and Erik Mielke, Transforming the Energy Economy: Options for Accelerating the Commercialization of Advanced Energy Technologies (Cambridge, Mass.: Energy Technology Innovation Policy, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School, February 2011). 38 pp.

Anadon, Laura Diaz, Kelly Sims Gallagher, Matthew Bunn, and Charles Jones, Tackling U.S. Energy Challenges and Opportunities: Preliminary Policy Recommendations for Enhancing Energy Innovation in The United States. Energy Technology Innovation Policy Project, Belfer Center, February 18, 2009.

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