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Course Syllabi (links are to the most recent versions)


Controlling the World’s Most Dangerous Weapons” – IGA-232, a course providing a broad overview of nuclear weapons, nonproliferation, and arms control, co-taught with William H. Tobey. More information can be found here.

Spring Policy Exercise - API-500MD, a course providing training and practice in the skills of applied policy analysis culminating in immersion in a timely real-world policy issue. 

Seminar in International and Global Affairs” – IGA-150Y, a course helping students through the process of researching and writing their Policy Analysis Exercises (PAEs) in international and global affairs

Governing Science and Technology Risks and Challenges” – IGA-503M

Science, Technology, Innovation, and Public Policy” – IGA-205, co-taught with Venkatesh Narayanamurti

Video Lectures

How Nuclear Weapons Work” (video lecture, 2013)
(Now over 1 million views!)

Making the Essential Ingredients of Nuclear Weapons” (video lecture, 2013)

How IAEA Safeguards Work” (video lecture, 2014)

Technologies and Institutions of Nuclear Security” (video lecture, 2014)

Simulation Materials

Diplomatic Conference on the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Nuclear Program” (2017)

"Nuclear Arms Control Negotiations: The US-Russia-China" (2019) 

Selected Lecture Slides

Matthew Bunn, "The Uses – and Dangers – of Models in Informing Public Policy," presentation, Harvard Kennedy School Summer Program, July 17, 2020.

And others Available on request. Email matthew_parent@hks.harvard.edu

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