I am a cultural historian who works on topics in medieval and early modern Europe (principally Italy), and secondarily, on facets of the modern West, especially Italy's fascist decades. My work stands at an interdisciplinary nexus of literature, art history, and book history; in addition to regularly publishing articles and giving talks, I also practice curatorial design and use digitally-driven modes of scholarship.

I defended my dissertation -- Text and Image in Dante's Commedia and Its Early Printed Illustrations -- in September, 2018. A monograph taking this work as its foundation is now in late-stage revisions. It is on the corpus of the twenty-eight printed illustrated editions of the Commedia in the Quattrocento and Cinquecento, never studied as a singular and unique moment in the history of Dante's reception and in the history of the book. In it I present my investigations into the visual genealogical links between these printed woodcuts and engravings and the illuminated renderings of the poem in manuscripts; the varying approaches, among the early printed illustrations, to re-presenting textual narrative in visual form; and modes of readership evinced in these images especially considered through a study of "image-specific marginalia," with a particular interest in the mnemotechnical implications of the annotations.

In a semi-related project, also exploring the illustration history of Dante's Commedia, I am the series editor of Reading Dante with Images: A Visual Lectura Dantis, with Harvey Miller Publishers. The first volume, which will be in print in late fall 2021, features eight dantisti and three visual artists engaging with the twofold traditions of visual commentary (broadly defined) and the Lectura Dantis. Volume two, which I am co-editing with Luca Marcozzi, is underway. A brief presentation of the first volume in the series can be found here.