In Press
McAllister-Grande, B. (In Press). Toward Humanistic Internationalization: Does the Current Western Theory of Internationalization Have Protestant Capitalist Roots? . In The Future Agenda for Internationalization in Higher Education: Next Generation Insights into Research, Policy, and Practice . Routledge.
McAllister-Grande, B. (Forthcoming). Changing the Foundations of International Education: Fixing a Broken System and Working for Social Justice . The Global Impact Exchange: A Quarterly Publication of Diversity Abroad , (Winter 2018).
McAllister-Grande, B. (2016). The Power of the Disciplines and the Internationalization of Knowledge . Global Studies Literature Review , 7. Publisher's VersionAbstract
McAllister-Grande reviews two recent contributions to the literature on campus and curriculum internationalization. Leask (2014) offers a participatory process for curricular internationalization based within the traditional academic disciplines. Williams and Lee (2015) present a collection of critical reflections and case studies on cross-cutting, problematic topics such as global citizenship. McAllister-Grande poses the question of whether these approaches reinforce existing paradigms rather than opening them up to innovative perspectives from outside the traditional academy.
McAllister-Grande, B. (2015). The Campaign for Spelman College. Harvard Educational Press. Publisher's VersionAbstract
At the close of her presidency, Spelman College President Beverly Tatum reflects on one of her many notable accomplishments, The Campaign for Spelman College. Raising more than $150 million, Tatum leads Spelman through an aggressive campaign that dramatically increases the institution's alumnae participation rate and makes several important academic initiatives possible. Some individuals in the Spelman community, however, feel that these impressive outcomes are achieved at a high institutional cost: the campaign takes a full decade to execute and involves multiple, time-consuming changes of administrative personnel. What are Spelman’s priorities during the campaign? In what ways is the campaign process a success, and what lessons are learned?
McAllister-Grande, B. (2013). The Climate for Progress in International Education. Global Studies Literature Review , 4. Publisher's VersionAbstract
In this essay, Bryan McAllister-Grande considers the career of Josef Mestenhauser, a pioneer in comprehensive internationalization. Mestenhauser's latest book is an ambitious new synthesis of his thinking, research, and reflections. McAllister-Grande analyzes why this book has failed to generate deliberative discussion, taken in light of the history of the internationalization movement.
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