Philosophy in Translation: Latin





This regularly offered course meets weekly to read philosophy in Latin. It is open to undergraduates, graduates, and faculty of all reading levels. It can be audited with minimal commitment or taken as a course towards the satisfaction of the Philosophy Department’s language requirement. Please contact the instructor if you would like to be placed on the course e-mail distribution list. Readings vary by semester. In the fall semester of 2020, we will read passages from Seneca's Letters to Lucilium. A tentative syllabus will be posted later in the summer. Past syllabi, are available below. 

Syllabus: Latin in Translation: G.W. Leibniz's Confessio philosophi.docx146 KB
Syllabus: Latin in Translation: Augustine's Confessions2 MB
Syllabus: Latin in Translation - Suarez on Final Causation2.67 MB
Syllabus: Latin in Translation - Seneca's Letters107 KB