Smooth pursuit detection based on multiple observers


I. Agtzidis, M. Startsev, and M. Dorr, “Smooth pursuit detection based on multiple observers,” in ACM Symposium on Eye Tracking Research and Applications ETRA '16, Charleston, SC, USA, 2016, pp. 303-306.


While many elaborate algorithms to classify eye movements into fixations and saccades exist, detection of smooth pursuit eye movements is still challenging. Smooth pursuits do not occur for the predominantly studied static stimuli; for dynamic stimuli, it is difficult to distinguish small gaze displacements due to noise from smooth pursuit. We propose to improve noise robustness by combining information from multiple recordings: if several people show similar gaze patterns that are neither fixations nor saccades, these episodes are likely smooth pursuits. We evaluated our approach against two baseline algorithms on a hand-labelled subset of the GazeCom data set of dynamic natural scenes, using three different clustering algorithms to determine gaze similarity. Results show that our approach achieves a very substantial increase in precision at improved recall over state-of-the-art algorithms that consider individual gaze traces only.

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Last updated on 11/16/2016