Curriculum Summary

I have 18 years of professional experience combining research with software development. I have worked across multiple scientific fields, from astrophysics to biomedical sciences to social sciences, in both academia and industry, and managed software development and data science teams ranging from 5 to 25 people. I am trained as a theoretical physicist and astrophysicist.

During the last 10 years, I have led the development of the now widely used, open-source Dataverse software, a data repository framework to share, publish, cite and archive research data. The project has had an international impact and continues to grow: in 2015, we hosted a Dataverse Community meeting at Harvard University which drew more than 150 attendees from all over the world. Currently, I also supervise the Consilience project (a Big Data framework for text clustering analysis, using machine-learning algorithms), the Zelig project (R statistical packages), the Data Science Services team and the Data Curation and Management team at the Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS).

I am interested in problems related to data, including sharing and analysing data to validate and extend scientific knowledge and improve decision making, building software frameworks to enable data intensive research, and to address challenges in data curation, management and analysis to improve the access and reuse of data. I currently work on multi-disciplinary collaborations aimed at sharing large-scale data, sharing sensitive data, connecting publications to data and analysis, and establishing data provenance.

I am co-PI in 4 research grants, and co-Investigator in 3 grants. In the last two years, I have given more than 15 presentations nationally and internationally, as well as published more than 10 papers, on data sharing, and related data topics. I participate actively in international research data community groups and lead national data initiatives. 

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