Citation++: Data citation, provenance, and documentation

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


NSF SI2 Conference, Arlington, VA

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By Mercè Crosas (PI), Margo Seltzer (PI), Jackson Okhun, Thomas Pasquier & Dataverse team.

The dawning of the digital research age – computational science, computational social science, and the digital humanities – brings with it both enormous potential and challenges. Visions of interactive publication, open data, reproducible results, and massive digital collections are exciting, opening up new research frontiers and the promise of more rapid dissemination of and building upon research ouput. However, to date, little of this vision has been realized. It remains challenging to reuse digital artifacts, precisely identify data used in a publication, and reproduce the results of published work. We leverage research in data citation and provenance collection and maintenance to prototype and evaluate a provenanceenabled citation service to facilitate better access to data sets and reproducibility of research results.

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