Cloud Dataverse

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Massachusetts Open Cloud Workshop, Boston University

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Cloud Dataverse will be a new service for accessing and processing public data sets in a the Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC). It is based on Dataverse, a popular software framework for sharing, archiving, and analyzing research data. Cloud Dataverse extends Dataverse to replicate datasets from institution repositories to a cloud-based repository and store their data files in Swift, making data processing faster for in-situ application running in the cloud.

Cloud Dataverse is a collaborative effort between two open source projects: Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) and Dataverse. The Dataversesoftware is being developed at Harvard's Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS) with contributors worldwide providing 21 Dataverse installations. The Harvard Dataverse installation alone hosts more than 60,000 datasets from 300 institutions by 15,000 data authors. The MOC is a collaboration between higher education (BU, NEU, Harvard, MIT and UMass), government, and industry. Its mission is to create a self-sustaining at-scale public cloud based on the Open Cloud eXchange model.

Cloud Dataverse