Supporting Sensitive Data in Dataverse

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Thursday, June 18, 2020


Dataverse Community Meeting

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Presentation for the breakout session on Supporting Sensitive Data in Dataverse:

Mercè Crosas (IQSS, Harvard University)
Marion Wittenberg (DANS)
Tania Schlatter (IQSS, Harvard University)
This session will present the current status of how Dataverse will support sensitive data, including an overview of methodology, and review of tools under development in the community. Participants will hear updates from Laura Huis in ’t Veld (DANS) about a DataTags recommendation tool, James Honaker (CRCS, Harvard University) about the OpenDP library of algorithms for privacy-preserving metadata, and Ilya Baldin (RENCI/UNC Chapel Hill) about the ImPACT project (Infrastructure for Privacy-Assured CompuTations) for trusted remote storage system components. There will be small group discussions of community members' use cases for sensitive data, followed by a report out with the larger group, and Q&A with presenters.

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