A Harvard Data Commons

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020


HUIT Tech Talk

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This presentation is part of a series of Tech Talks organized by Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT).

Research data is used in practically all disciplines at Harvard.  New data policies and mandates make it critical to manage the data during research, with all the associated information and software, and make them available at the end of a study.  Many groups at Harvard have well-established solutions for managing and accessing their research data and Harvard provides repositories, such as the Harvard Dataverse, for sharing the data when publishing the results of a study.  But, some challenges to collaboration and access remain.  These challenges include knowing what research data is being used at Harvard, accessing data from one research group or School to another, managing data access, versions, and metadata with research computing, and tracking data transformations throughout the research lifecycle.  Come hear about how the Harvard Data Commons will bring together data with computing, software, and services to address these and other issues and facilitate collaboration and access to research data across the entire University, while following best practices in data management and sharing.