Making Data Accessible

Presentation Date: 

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Harvard SEAS, CS Colloquium

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Since modern science began, data have been a critical part of the scientific enterprise, not only for conducting science but also for communicating and validating scientific results. From the beginning, it was clear that for the scientific community to continually verify scientific results, the underlying data had to be made accessible. But that has not been, and is still not, always the case. In recent years however, public data repositories have grown significantly, making many research data sets easily accessible to others. The Dataverse project, an open-source software for building repositories to share research data (such as the Harvard Dataverse), has played an important role in making this happen, by giving incentives to researchers to share their own data. In this talk, I will discuss how we got here, and introduce current projects that extend Dataverse to address the next challenges in sharing research data. In particular, I'll present a project that, through integrating Dataverse with remote computing sites, makes large-scale structural biology data widely accessible and helps validate previous results.


Making Data Accessible