Research Projects and Collaborations

Current  Grants

  • PI of NIH Data Commons, with co-PIs Tim Clark (Harvard Medical School) and Martin Fenner (DataCite)
  • Co-PI of Helmsley Charitable Trust funded project on Publishing Structural Biology Data, with Piotrek Sliz (Harvard Medical School).
  • Co-PI of the Sloan Foundation funded project on extending Dataverse for social science big data, with Gary King (Harvard)
  • Co-PI of the Sloan Foundation funded project "A Bridge between Publishing Words and Publishing Data" to integrate article publication submissions with publishing data in Dataverse, with Gary King (Harvard), Tom Carsey (UNC) and Jon Crabtree (UNC).
  • Co-Investigator of the NSF and Sloan funded Data Privacy Tools to share sensitive data. This project includes the integration of Dataverse with DataTags and a differential private version of Zelig, and it’s a multidisciplinary collaboration with Salil Vadhan (Harvard), Latanya Sweeney (Harvard), Gary King (Harvard), Steve Chong (Harvard), Urs Gasser (Harvard), Micah Altman (MIT), James Honaker (Harvard), Kobi Nissim (Ben-Gurion University), among others.
  • Co-PI of the NSF funded project on Data Citation and Provenance, with Margo Seltzer (Harvard) and Gary King (Harvard).

Other on-going Collaborations

  • Collaborator on the the Cloud Dataverse project with Orran Krieger and Piyanai Saowarattitada from the Massachusetts Open Cloud at Boston University.

Past Grant funded Projects

  • Co-Investigator of the NSF funded project CHIA, to build the World Historical-Dataverse, with Patrick Manning (University of Pittsburgh) and others.
  • Co-Investigator of the NSF funded DataBridge project for sociometrics of data sets, with Arcot Rajasekar (UNC), Howard Lander (UNC), Tom Carsey (UNC), Jon Crabtree (UNC), Gary King (Harvard), among others.

Committees, Boards and Community Groups