I have always been motivated by wanting to help others who are struggling which I consider our struggle and wanting to help make a significant change in the world.

When I was young, I was inspired by the potential of individuals, groups, and countries to do “great things” when visiting the historic sites of the Abyssinian empire, Ancient Egypt, and modern societies. I also saw the extreme suffering of people which struck me the most and concerned me. While in school, I learnt about good politicians, scientists, musicians, and started admiring great thinkers, changemakers, and beautiful people.

My upbringing sparked my passion for public service and leadership. I was fortunate to have a very loving family who guided me. I had an international-Ethiopian-Zimbabwean-American background. I grew up in Zimbabwe in close-knit communities with a culture of helping each other that was instilled in us. I admired freedom fighters and saw how necessary good leadership is. I would hear stories of Ethiopians like my great-grandmother who sent troops to fight against the Italians in the Battle of Adwa. I attended an international school where I saw how kids from different backgrounds can come together. I was hopeful that change was possible and wanted to contribute.

I graduated valedictorian then graduated from Cornell. I volunteered in organizations that focus on reducing poverty, increasing access to justice, health, and education, and conducted research on political affairs, peace and security, social affairs, and human rights. I started to become more disturbed by the extreme failings of our current systems.

Since 2014, I have continuously tried to help bring about change through developing strategies, advocating for institutional changes, and participating in political processes, among other things, in the United States, Ethiopia, Africa, and globally. I am passionate about this.

I graduated from Harvard and received the Dean's Prize for Outstanding Thesis in International Relations and the Dean's Academic Achievement Award. I have received over twenty awards.

I am glad that I was strong enough to move forward with my life while facing a health obstacle and that I became fully healthy again.

I believe my life experiences and character will help me serve others on a larger scale.

Interest: radical change.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you want to connect professionally or personally. I can be reached at:
+1-607-319-6820 (WhatsApp and cell)
+251-91-208-2284 (cell)


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