Coevolutionary Learning of Swarm Behaviors Without Metrics


Gauci M, Groß R. Coevolutionary Learning of Swarm Behaviors Without Metrics, in Proceedings of the 16th Annual Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation. ACM ; 2014 :201–208.


We propose a coevolutionary approach for learning the behavior of animals, or agents, in collective groups. The approach requires a replica that resembles the animal under investigation in terms of appearance and behavioral capabilities. It is able to identify the rules that govern the animals in an autonomous manner. A population of candidate models, to be executed on the replica, compete against a population of classifiers. The replica is mixed into the group of animals and all individuals are observed. The fitness of the classifiers depends solely on their ability to discriminate between the replica and the animals based on their motion over time. Conversely, the fitness of the models depends solely on their ability to ‘trick’ the classifiers into categorizing them as an animal. Our approach is metric-free in that it autonomously learns how to judge the resemblance of the models to the animals. It is shown in computer simulation that the system successfully learns the collective behaviors of aggregation and of object clustering. A quantitative analysis reveals that the evolved rules approximate those of the animals with a good precision