Current Publications

Publications and Forthcoming Papers

  1. Callen, Michael, Clark Gibson, Danielle F. Jung, and James D. Long. "Improving Electoral Integrity with Information and Communications Technology." (.bibJournal of Experimental Political Science (forthcoming). Can smartphones be used to reduce election fraud?

  2. Callen, Michael.  "Catastrophes and Time Preference: Evidence from the Indian Ocean Earthquake."  (.bib)  Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (forthcoming). Do disasters affect time preferences? 

  3. Blumenstock, Joshua, Michael Callen, Tarek Ghani, Lucas Koepke. "Promises and Pitfalls of Mobile Money in Afghanistan: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial."  in: Proceedings of the Fifth ACM/IEEE International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development, ICTD 2015. Association for Computing Machinery. (.bib)  What are the costs and benefits of paying salaries using mobile money? 

  4. Callen, Michael, Jean Imbs and Paolo Mauro.  "Pooling Risk Among Countries." (.bibJournal of International Economics, 2015, 96(1): 88-99. How large do risk sharing pools need to be in order to improve the welfare of member countries?  Full text.

  5. Callen, Michael, and James D. Long. "Institutional Corruption and Election Fraud: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Afghanistan." (.bib)  American Economic Review, 2015, 105(1): 354-381.  What role do political networks play in altering the vote aggregation process? Can technology reduce this type of fraud?

  6. Callen, Michael, Charles Sprenger, Mohammad Isaqzadeh, and James D. Long.  "Violence and Risk Preferences: Experimental Evidence from Afghanistan." (.bibAmerican Economic Review, 2014, 104(1): 123-148. How do risk preferences respond to exposure to violence?

  7. Callen, Michael, with Nils B. Weidmann.  "Violence and Election Fraud: Evidence from Afghanistan." (.bibBritish Journal of Political Science, 2013, Vol. 43 (1): 53-75.  How is election fraud related to levels of political violence?

  8. Callen, Michael, Eli Berman, Joseph H. Felter, and Jacob N. Shapiro.  "Do Working Men Rebel: Insurgency and Unemployment in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Philippines." (.bib)  Journal of Conflict Resolution, 2011, Vol. 55 (4): 496 - 528.  How is political violence related to unemployment?