Working Papers

  1. Andreoni, James, Michael Callen, Karrar Hussain Jaffar, Muhammad Yasir Khan, and Charles Sprenger. "Using Preference Estimates to Customize Incentives: An Application to Polio Vaccination Drives in Pakistan." Do structural estimates of economic preference provide valid out-of-sample point predictions? Can we use these estimates to individually customize incentives?
  2. Callen, Michael, Suresh De Mel, Craig McIntosh, and Christopher Woodruff.  "What are the Headwaters of Formal Savings? Experimental Evidence from Sri Lanka." Revise and Resubmit, Review of Economic Studies

  3. Callen, Michael, Saad Gulzar, Ali Hasanain, Yasir Khan.  "The Political Economy of Public Employee Absence: Experimental Evidence from Pakistan."  Do local politics determine the effectiveness of development interventions? Why are service providers commonly absent in developing countries?"

  4. Callen, Michael, Saad Gulzar, Ali Hasanain, Yasir Khan, and Arman Rezaee.  "Personalities and Public Sector Performance: Evidence from a Health Experiment in PakistanDo personality traits predict effective public sector performance? Do personality traits predict which public actors will use data to improve service delivery?"

  5.  Bursztyn, Leonardo, Michael Callen, Ali Hasanain, Bruno Ferman, and Noam Yuchtman. "Identifying Ideology: Experimental Evidence on Anti-Americanism in Pakistan." Will individuals pay a financial cost to privately express a political position? Is the willingness to pay to hold a political position different in public than in private?"

  6. Berman Eli, Michael Callen, Clark Gibson, and James D. Long.  "Elections and Government Legitimacy in AfghanistanCan an intervention which reduces election fraud increase support for the government?"

  7. Blumenstock, Joshua, Michael Callen, and Tarek Ghani.  "Violence and Financial Decisions: Evidence from Mobile Money in AfghanistanHow are household portfolios affected by violence?"