At Home in the World


“The carefully wrought pages of Michael Jackson’s At Home in the World weave together many kinds of strands: field experiences, Warlpiri ethnography, and the agonizing politics of Native-White contact … Jackson has succeeded in the thoroughly anthropological enterprise of splicing together the wisdom of thinkers in Asian, Euro-American, and Judaeo-Christian traditions with ordinary folk wisdom and wise statements from not-so-ordinary Warlpiri.” - Paul Friedrich

“One does not so much read this book as join Jackson round his camp fire …  it’s the voices that lend this book its drama – living voices, voices of storytellers, of men and women who know their ‘country’ better than most of us know our own lounge room.  Jackson’s prose has power because he is aware of the hazards of the second-handedness of the learned world.  To walk the earth with one’s feet is better than tracing the route in an atlas with one’s fingers.” - Billy Marshall-Stoneking