Paths Toward a Clearing: Radical Empiricism and Ethnographic Inquiry


 “A brilliant work.  The issues are central to anthropology today.  Jackson’s thinking is expressed in lucid, often moving, and always persuasive prose – a rare gem of anthropological discourse.” - Michael Herzfeld

“A magisterial and compelling work that should not only be significant to professionals but draw students experientially into the content of other cultures.” - Ivan Karp

“ … one of the most lyrical account of human experience I have read in the ethnographic literature.  The theoretical arguments are elegant, and confront central issues we all face today.” - Byron Good

“This book is essential reading for every ethnographer and student of cultural anthropology.  In part it is a health-inducing antidote against some current misdirections in the discipline and in part a source of inspiration for how the next generation of ethnographers ought to engage people in the field as humans who have concerns perhaps all too much like their own.” - Dan Rose

“To encounter a book that is a rhapsody of fascinating, informative, and challenging essays is already remarkable.  But to have such a striking illustration of the axiom that knowledge is embodied – with all its implications for spirituality and varieties of religious experience – and to be offered such a palatable blend of narrative, description, and analysis, is a privilege.” - Anthony J Gittins