Pieces of Music


“Michael Jackson’s Pieces of Music deserves to stand alongside Campion, Ward, Colin McCahon, Keri Hulme and others as giving further definitions to the metaphorical fecundity of the New Zealand landscape.  He is [moreover] a wonderful storyteller.  Each piece of music can be sung on its own.  Together they taunt and titillate so that you want more of the variety and most of all, you want the entire symphony.” - Sue Parker

“Michael Jackson’s new prose collection might be as important a book – and as difficult to define – as Bruce Chatwin’s The Songlines.  There is a similar edgy restlessness … and the same curiosity, an endless fascination with all kinds of detail, as Jackson assembles an extraordinary dossier – autobiography, anecdote, history, legend, notebook references, obscure philosophers, news items, popular songs.  Pieces of Music is a challenging, provocative book in more ways than one, intelligent and compassionate, unobtrusively scholarly and finely crafted, open to all kinds of possibilities.  It’s a book to return to many times.” - Ronda Cooper

“Written in a style so strong and uncluttered it seems swept with a stiff broom, Jack’s meticulous stories convince you of the pageantry and pathos in our ‘unconsulted souls’.” - David Hill