I am always happy to talk to students about their course work, current plans, and future aspirations. Please feel free to grab me after class, come by my office hours, or email me asking for an appointment. If you are an undergraduate looking for someone to read your senior thesis, stop by; I'd be delighted to hear what you're doing. If you are a prospective Ph.D. student, please note that I am not taking graduate students at this time.

Current students (working on Senior Theses or CS91 or *299r projects)

Dhilan Ramaprasad

Graduates and Other Emeritus Members

Vijay Janapa Reddi (Ph.D., 2010): Software-Assisted Hardware Reliability

Kathleen Durant (Ph.D., 2008): Sentiment Drift and Its Effect on the Classification of Web Log Posts

Kelly Heffner (S.M., 2010), who should be added to the alphabetical list of my non-PhD students.

Rachel Greenstadt (Ph.D., 2007) : Improving Privacy in Distributed Constraint Optimization

David J. Malan (Ph.D., 2007) : Rapid Detection of Botnets through Collaborative Networks of Peers

Kim Hazelwood Cettei (Ph.D., 2004) : Code Cache Management in Dynamic Optimization Systems

Stuart Schechter (Ph.D., 2004) : Computer Security Strength & Risk: A Quantitative Approach

Gang Chen (Ph.D., 2001) : Effective Instruction Scheduling with Limited Registers

Zheng Wang (Ph.D., 2001) : Progressive Profiling: A Methodology based on Profile Propagation and Selective Profile Collection

Nikolas Gloy (Ph.D., 1998) : Code Placement Using Temporal Profile Information

Cliff Young (Ph.D., 1998) : Path-Based Compilation

Rahul Razdan (Ph.D., 1994) : PRISC: Programmable Reduced Instruction Set Computers

Fritz Behr (A.B./S.M., 2003); Ebo Bentil (S.B., 1999); Kee Chan (S.M., 1997); Sylvan Clarke (S.B., 2000); Tony DeWitt (A.B., 1996); Eric Feigin (A.B., 1999); Matthew Finney (M.S., 2020); David Hiniker (A.B., 2005); Glenn Holloway (Research Staff); Michael Horton (A.B., 2020); Mike Lee (A.B., 1997); Oliver Luo (M.D.E, 2020); Evan Mallory (A.B., 2007); David Mazieres (A.B., 1994); Robert McGrath (A.B., 2007); Martha Mercaldi (A.B., 2002); Elisa Ngan (M.D.E., 2021); Erven Rohou (Post-doc, 1998-1999); Adriana Rotaru (A.B., 2021); Jason Simmons (A.B., 1998); Andrew Shackelford (A.B., 2020); Omri Traub (A.B., 1998); Blase Ur (A.B., 2007); Michael Wornow (A.B., 2020); Auriel Wright(A.B., 2021)