Exploring the dynamics between art + technology to craft a great digital story.

Digital Media Design

My graduate degree courses in the Digital Media Design (DMD) program, along with additional coursework in digital strategy -- were chosen to study the key drivers of business success in digital marketing.

My studies and research focus on:

  • Analyzing the artistic and technical elements involved in developing interactive systems
  • Exploring methods to harness the drivers behind digital marketing: search engine optimization, paid advertising, and social media
  • Exploring digital methods of research, data-driven analysis, and integrated market communication
  • Understanding and applying tools in the communication portfolio: web design, web programming, mobile application design, video/film design, and digital photography
  • Gaining knowledge on front-end website development through languages that power websites: HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

Through my studies to complete a master’s degree in DMD, I get to integrate my interests in front end web development, creative content creation and digital marketing.

This program has deepened my experience with creating dynamic visuals that offer powerful (and profitable) digital experiences.

Image of computers and hand on a mouse
Photo by Domenico Loia


Selection of completed coursework:

  • Designing Stories for the Web
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Marketing Management
  • Digital Marketing: Foundations
  • Video Editing and Digital Design
  • Website Development
  • Web Programming/JavaScript

The coursework in this program builds upon my bachelor’s degree in economics at University of Pennsylvania where I studied finance at The Wharton School with an additional concentration in Management Information Systems and a minor in East Asian Languages and Civilizations.

Beyond my current studies in DMD, I am committed to continue my professional pursuits -- helping entrepreneurs and small businesses with their online marketing strategies and tactics with my business, Chenzin Digital.

If you are a non-profit and would like my help with your digital marketing strategy, read more about how I can help you for free on the Community Service page.

To learn more about my background, check out my About page. 

For more information about my professional experience, education, and resume, find me on LinkedIn.

Digital Marketing Resources:


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