Work with me

Let's work together. I'm looking to hire students of all levels (Bachelor's, Master's, PhD), and a postdoc. If you have interest and motivation, we'll (most likely) find a project that fits! The projects are broadly in computational social science. Get in touch if the following sound like skills/interests you have, want to learn, or perfect:

  • Substantive area: "science of science" -- using data and experiments to learn about (and optimize) scientific discovery
  • Substantive area: "online communities" -- designing collaborative environments that work even on politically polarized topics
  • Methods: programming in Python, R, or similar
  • Methods: statistics for data analysis, causal inference
  • Methods: natural language processing
  • Methods: design of social science studies, in particular experiments

Future PhD students: apply to UMSI! Put my name in the application and ask about the many interesting colleagues in our group.

Send email to: tepl _at_ umich