About Me

I am currently a Postdoctoral Scholar working under Margo Seltzer in the Systems Research (SYRAH) group. In my previous academic life at UC San Diego, I had the extreme pleasure of working with Ranjit Jhala (PhD) and Geoffrey Voelker (MS).

Broadly speaking, I work at the intersection of Programming Languages, Operating Systems and (to a lesser extent) Architecture, to design tools to ease the manual burden of writing correct programs. At UCSD, I worked on the Liquid Types project, plotting its early years as a verifier of strong invariants over functional, data structure manipulating programs, and then as a tool for proving more limited correctness properties of imperative data structure manipulating programs.

At Harvard, I am in the exploratory stages of applying modern advances in Program Synthesis to ease or remove the burden of porting legacy operating system kernels to new, potentially novel Instruction Set Architectures and associated hardware platforms.