Research Lab

Current and Ongoing Research Projects


Empowering parents to combat summer learning loss (completed)

An experimental effort to empower and nudge parents with a series of text-messages to promote reading and educational experiences amongst their children during summer months. 

External interruptions to classroom instruction (ongoing)

An immersive study in Public schools in Providence, Rhode Island, with classroom observations and surveys, to understand the frequency and impact of external interruptions to instruction and learning. 

Portability of teacher effectiveness (ongoing)

Analyzing an incentive program to relocate high-performing teachers to lower-performing schools to explore whether teachers' effectiveness remains constant across different school settings. 

Social-emotional competencies and school climate (ongoing)

Exploring how aspects of the school learning environment promote or hinder the development of social-emotional skills and learning mindsets of students in California CORE Districts. 

Training evaluators to effectively communicate feedback (ongoing)

Assessing a randomized trial of a training program that helps school administrators in the Boston Public School District provide more specific and actionable feedback to teachers through the evaluation process.