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Thursday, March 26, 2009


AAG Meeting Las Vegas, NE

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Citation: Vera, A. & Pallares-Barbera, M. (2009). OLIVE OIL TRACEABILITY, MARKETS AND SMALL FIRMS. Presentation. Association of American Geographers (AAG) Meeting. Las Vegas, NE.

Social responsible agro-industry companies are concerned about the quality of their product traceability. Their competitive advantage, their increasing returns of scale, and market share are direct proportional to firm’s capacity to prove social responsible production. In addition, final product has to be not only the maximum quality but superb. The only way to have correct returns to firm’s investment is to sell branding product containing quality traceability, which in turn, increase their market share and allow them to stay in business and gain respect of clients. This occurs mainly in agricultural products which go to quality food production chain, like wine and olive oil. The objective of this paper is to discuss how the value added-chain to produce high standard food products, like olive oil has to crop out to demonstrate firm’s social responsibility, not only with its traceability line but with the potential healthy impact to clients. Theoretical discussion uses elements of convention theory. Standards of uniformity, traceability rules and institutions which coordinate commodity networks through norms, values in olive oil social responsible small firms can enforce final product standards to demonstrate pureness of olive oil in the market.

Keywords: Olive oil production, convention theory, social responsibility, traceability.