Bio / CV

Curriculum Vitae

Morgan Ng studies the interplay between architecture, visual culture, and the technical sciences in early modern Europe and beyond. His current book project explores how developments in military architecture transformed the design and experience of sixteenth-century buildings and cities. This project has benefitted from the resources and support of the Bibliotheca HertzianaSamuel H. Kress FoundationVilla I TattiMedici Archive ProjectGabinetto Disegni e Stampe at the Uffizi Gallery, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Getty Research Institute, and St John's College, University of Cambridge.

Morgan's articles have appeared in Art HistoryWord & Image, the Mitteilungen des Kunsthistorischen Institutes in Florenz, the Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, and a collection of essays on fifteenth-century sculpture. Topics addressed in these writings include the aesthetics of Psalm-singing in Huguenot-occupied churches and cities; the relationship between Calvinist cartography and John Milton’s poetic form; and the rise of colorless window glass in late-Renaissance secular architecture. Forthcoming essays will be featured in the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, and in edited volumes on Renaissance drawing, natural philosophy, and landscape architecture.

Before beginning his doctoral studies at Harvard, where he received his PhD in 2018, Morgan completed his Bachelor of Architecture at Cornell University, and worked as an architectural designer in New York and Chicago.