Press and outreach

TV and Radio Interviews

TV interview with Canal 44 (Universidad de Guadalajara), February 11, 2021, "¿Cuándo terminará la pandemia?" (Video)
Our work featured in National Public Radio (NPR), WBUR station on August 3rd, 2020 (Audio clip)
Live TV interview with CNN (in Spanish), July 27th, 2020: "La crisis por covid-19 en EE.UU. está descontrolada, según profesor de Harvard" (Video)
Live TV interview with Fox32 Chicago, July 20th, 2020: "Researcher develops algorithm to predict the pandemic's next moves" (Video)
Live TV interview with CNN (in Spanish), July 6th, 2020: "Preocupa el avance del Coronavirus en E.E. U.U." (Video)
Live TV interview with CNN (in Spanish), June 1st, 2020: "El rastro digital del covid-19 como herramienta sanitaria" (Video)
Live TV interview with CNN (in Spanish), April 9th, 2020: "Podría venir una segunda ola de coronavirus si no se obedece el distanciamiento social, dice profesor de Harvard" ( Video1Video 2  )
Live TV interview with Telemundo (in Spanish), March 16th, 2020: "COVID-19 se propaga más rápido que el dengue o influenza | Un Nuevo Día" (Video)
Live TV interview with CNN (in Spanish), March 6th, 2020: Experto: "Cuando el coronavirus llega a un país, la población es afectada rápidamente" (Video)
Live TV interview with CNN (in Spanish), March 5th, 2020: "La alarma por el coronavirus, ¿es exagerada?" (Video)

Videos from presentations

At the COVID-19 Lecture series at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mex SIAM, In Spanish, October, 2020 (Video)
At the Geographic Perspectives on Infectious Diseases in Humans, Animals, and the Environment, June 2019 @2:28:30 (Video)
At the The International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases, January 2016 (Video)
At the Harvard Institute for Applied and Computational Sciences, September 2014 (Video)

Press Releases, Interviews, and Quotes in Media Outlets


Is Vaccine Misinformation Affecting our Health? The Harvard Gazette (USA), August, 2021
These researchers are predicting COVID-19 trends weeks before standard surveillance, News@Northeastern University (USA), March, 2021 
Tracking attitudes and behavior on COVID in all 50 states, week by week, Harvard Kennedy School (USA), February, 2021


COVID-19 impact from Thanksgiving travel and gatherings could be ‘precursor’ for upcoming holidays, The Boston Globe (USA), December 2020
Winter Offers Perfect Conditions for Covid-19 Spread, Studies Show, The Wall Street Journal (USA), December 2020
Regional consultation about closings underway as Covid rises; Order’s potential impact unclear, Cambridge Day (USA), November 2020
Rising global temperatures tied to rising antibiotic resistance, (USA), November 2020
School district refocuses Covid-19 metrics, reaches out to diversify its decision-making, Cambridge Day (USA), November 2020
As Pandemic Wears On, Massachusetts Residents Have Increased Risky Behaviors, Survey Finds, The Harvard Crimson (USA), November 2020
Public Health School Researchers Document U.S. Government’s Failures to Slow Pandemic in New Study, The Harvard Crimson (USA), November 2020
New course prepares professionals for a data-driven world Harvard Gazette (USA), October 2020
Why COVID outbreaks look set to worsen this winter, (USA), October 2020
‘Uncrushable’ beetle and COVID’s lack of seasonality, (USA), October 2020
COVID-19 Doesn’t Seem Seasonal, Study Says, WebMD  (USA), October 2020
These nine swing states will see the biggest ‘blue shift’ as ballots are counted after the election, Washington Post (USA), October 2020
COVID-19 may not be seasonal like the flu, study finds: 'Transmission has not slowed down during warm months, Yahoo! (USA), October 2020
“It’s like we’re flying blind”: The US has a Covid-19 data problem. (USA), August 2020
National survey: Nearly two-thirds of Americans have to wait more than 2 days for coronavirus results. The Boston Globe, August 2020
The US needs real-time data to fight the pandemic. We’re still not even close. (USA), August 2020
Researchers’ predictive algorithm to forecast coronavirus outbreaks taps clinicians’ searches in UpToDate. Wolters Kluwer (USA), July 2020 
Can an Algorithm Predict the Pandemic’s Next Moves? New York Times (USA), July 2020
Cancer patients are at greater risk for severe Covid-19, a study says. New York Times (USA), April, 2020
Adults with cancer appear more vulnerable to COVID-19, Boston Children's Hospital Discoveries (USA) April 2020
Why summer likely won’t save us from the coronavirus (USA) April, 2020
To Combat Coronavirus, Scientists Are Also Breaking Down Barriers Citylab (Bloomberg News, USA), April, 2020
Mobile ‘location’ data could help guide COVID-19 social distancing measures. Boston Children's Hospital Discoveries (USA) April 2020
Coronavirus: Facebook launches UK Covid-19 symptom survey. BBC News (UK), April, 2020
La COVID-19, saisonnière comme la grippe? La Presse (Canada), April, 2020
Podría venir una segunda ola de coronavirus si no se obedece el distanciamiento social, dice profesor de Harvard, CNN Español (Mexico), April, 2020
Why It’s So Difficult to Stop the Spread of the Coronavirus, The Wall Street Journal (USA), March, 2020
Mapping the Social Network of Coronavirus. New York Times (USA), March, 2020
The 9 most important unanswered questions about Covid-19, (USA) March, 2020
Scientists warn we may need to live with social distancing for a year or more. (USA) March, 2020
Will the Coronavirus Outbreak Get Better This Summer? Maybe Not, March 2020
Si no reaccionamos ya, muchos enfermarán de COVID-19: científico Mauricio Santillana, Blu Radio (Colombia), March, 2020
Experto: Cuando el coronavirus llega a un país, la población es afectada rápidamente, CNN Español (Mexico), March, 2020
Contágio Rápido e Silenciso: A Matemática do coronavírus. Folha de S. Paulo (Brazil), Jan, 2020


Scientists can track influenza in real time by monitoring social media, Scientific American, September 2019
Real-time flu tracking, Nature, September 2019 (USA)
5 Q’s for Mauricio Santillana, Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School, Center for Data Innovation, March 2019 (USA)
Un nouvel algorithme prédit les épidémies de grippe aux États-Unis... en partie grâce à Google, Sciences et Avenir, Jan 2019 (France)
Novel AI tool can predict how flu spreads, India News, Jan 2019 (India)
AI combined with EHR and other data improves influenza forecasting, HealthData Management, Jan 2019
Using multiple data streams and artificial intelligence to ‘nowcast’ local flu outbreaks, Vector Science and Innovation Blog, Jan. 2019
Harnessing multiple data streams and artificial intelligence to better predict flu, EurekaAlert!, Jan. 2019


Alumnus Mauricio Santillana '08, tracks disease and improves intensive care environments at Harvard Med, ICES, UT Austin, Nov. 2018
A Warming Climate May Produce More Drug-Resistant Infections Scientific American, May 2018
Scientists find link between increases in local temperature and antibiotic resistance, May 2018
Scientists find link between increases in local temperature and antibiotic resistance EurekAlert!, May 2018
Scientists Find Link Between Increases in Local Temperature and Antibiotic Resistance Infection Control Today, May 2018
Scientists find link between increases in local temperature and antibiotic resistance Long Room, May 2018
Increase in local temperature correlates with higher degree of antibiotic resistance, finds study The Medical News, May 2018
Global warming linked with rising antibiotic resistance, May 2018
Scientists Find Link Between Increases in Local Temperature and Antibiotic Resistance Laboratory Equipment, May 2018
The Imperfect Science of Mapping the Flu, Citylab (Bloomberg News), January 2018


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Google Searches can be Used to Track Dengue in Underdeveloped Countries (, Europe, 2017)
Tracking Disease: Digital Epidemiology offers new promise in predicting outbreaks (IEEE Pulse, USA, 2017)
Kids have the flu, grown-ups are next (Athenahealth insight, USA, 2017)


Big Pharma Is Sponsoring A Flu Map On The Weather Channel (BuzzFeed News, USA, 2016)
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Traveling this summer? What to know about Zika virus (Miami Herald, USA, 2016)
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 'Ensemble' modeling could lead to better flu forecasts, study finds (AAAS, 2015)
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 Google Flu Trends promises are overstated, researchers say (The Guardian (UK), 2014)
 Researchers Suggest Fixes to Google Flu Trends Analytics (Health Data Management, 2014)
 Studies Explore New Frontiers of the Impact of UpToDate (UpToDate, 2014)