(Harvard University FAS) Government 2000: Introduction to Quantitative Methods (Professor Adam Glynn)





Teaching Fellow. The required first half of the quantitative methods sequence for incoming graduate students in the Harvard Department of Government. A general introduction to the use of statistics in political science research, the course covered basic data analysis, introductory probability, sampling distributions, univariate and multivariate linear regression, and basic causal inference.  All materials were taught using the R statistical language

You can find the 2009 syllabus here.

Related course materials:

  • Section 1 R code and data: basic R functions
  • Section 3 R code and data: confidence intervals, hypothesis testing
  • Section 5 R code: linear regression, sampling
  • Section 7 R code: interaction terms
  • Section 9 R code: F-test
  • Section 11 review session notes