My research uses large-scale administrative data and (quasi/)experimental methods to shed light on issues at the intersection of education policy and labor economics. 

You can find my CV here and more information on my research below. 


Working papers:

Hard and soft skills in vocational training (with Felipe Barrera-Osorio and Adriana Kugler)
NBER working paper, 7/2020. VoxDev summary, 8/2020.
Labor market returns to vocational secondary education (with Hanna Virtanen
ETLA working paper, 3/2019. Revise and resubmit, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.
*Society of Labor Economists 2019 Fellows Best Poster Award.
Targeted funding, immigrant background, and educational outcomes
VATT working paper, 8/2017. Adapted from master's thesis.

In progress:

Sibling spillovers in education (with Hanna Virtanen)

Informal social interactions, academic achievement, and behavior (with Matt Lenard)

Education and social worlds (with Hanna Virtanen)

Public childcare and the labor market (with Juuso Mäkinen)

Preventing the social exclusion of immigrants (with Michela Carlana, Matti Sarvimäki, and Marco Tabellini)