I combine (quasi/)experimental methods with administrative and survey-based data-sets to shed light on the relationships between education, the labor market, and inequality. Currently my research is focused on the development of and demand for skills, as well as on how education can shape the outcomes of immigrant students. 

I enjoy teaching, and designed and taught a short-course in causal inference in the Department of Social and Public Policy at the University of Helsinki. I also served as a teaching fellow in undergraduate, master's, and doctoral courses in microeconomics, statistics, and causal inference at the Graduate School of Education and Department of Economics at Harvard.

Prior to starting my PhD, I conducted research at the VATT Institute for Economic Research and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and studied at Tufts, Oxford, and Helsinki Universities. 

You can find my CV here and more information on my research below or on GoogleScholar


Working papers:

Hard and soft skills in vocational training (with Felipe Barrera-Osorio and Adriana Kugler)
- Media: VoxDev, VoxEU.
Labor market returns to vocational secondary education (with Hanna Virtanen
Conditionally accepted, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.
*Society of Labor Economists 2019 Fellows Best Poster Award.
Targeted funding, immigrant background, and educational outcomes
VATT working paper, 8/2017. Adapted from master's thesis.
- Media: All major Finnish outlets including Helsingin SanomatYLEHufvudstadsbladetSoinivaara blog.